Duramax Diesel Exhaust Fluid Problems

In This video I go through all the steps to troubleshoot Poor Quality DEF Warning. Best DEF Fluid in 2019.

What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid And Why Is It More Important Than Ever Roadshow

Theyre very powerful and capable but theyre also very vulnerable to poor fuel quality.

Duramax diesel exhaust fluid problems. We added more def and diesel. Three issues we see over and over are. We have a 2015 Chevy 3500 duramax.

If a truck is running low-quality DEF there are a number of issues that may occur some of which could even void a vehicles warranty. Jul 11 2013. I couldnt find any useful info on what would cause this so I figured I would put it out there after fixing it.

The edge CTS didnt show any codes so I figured I needed the GDSII. However it is slightly alkaline which means its corrosive to metals. Recommended DEF by Duramax manufacture for Diesel Engine Trucks.

A common engine-related call involves diesel exhaust fluid DEF. Guide for Duramax Diesel Engines Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF. Luckily this can be addressed by following the proper L5P Duramax Maintenance schedule.

If youre going to be maintaining your 30L Duramax by yourself take a look at our fluid capacities and specifications guide. DEF is naturally occurring and biodegradable. The driver will hear 4 chimes on entering Warning Level 2.

But low-quality DEF can still cause problems. They say they are in touch with the regional technician which i assume means the GMC representative for this. Improper handling of DEF.

Inadvertently putting DEF into the diesel tank. See Owners Manual Now. You cant always be trouble free but when someone steps up like that it is the next best thing.

Every day the Volvo Construction Equipment technical support team gets calls from customers covering any number of topics. This is especially important on modern diesels like the newest 66L Duramax. One thing I have noticed is that the DEF level goes down much more rapidly when towing I almost ran out the first time it came on because the.

25 Gal – 55 Gal – 275Gal – 330 Gal. I have a 2011 duramax with under 10k miles that has been in the shop almost continuosly for the last 4 weeks due to the exhaust fluid issue and i dont know what to doMy dealer says they have finally replaced the entire exhaust fluid tank and sensors but cant recalibrate the truck. With the 30L LM2 Duramax diesel maintenance schedule below you will know when different maintenance tasks need to be completed.

I had to re-install my factory exhaust and after doing so the system started a countdown from 99 miles to reduced to 65mph. New TSB Issued For Duramax 30L LM2 and 66L LP5 Diesel P206B Emission Exhaust Fluid Errors General Motors is addressing an issue that may cause check engine lights on 20202021 Diesel Silverado and Sierra pickups. Jan 13 2020.

Engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR to reduce NOx in the exhaust system. The DIC displays the following messages. Both 30L and 66L Diesel Duramax engines could have an error related to the emission andor exhaust fluid systems.

The Duramax diesel engine exhaust after-treatment system reduces oxides of nitrogen NOx using a Selective Catalyst Reduction SCR system a DEF injection system and two NOx sensors and smart module assemblies. Warning Level 2 is triggered after the first mileage countdown expires without a DEF fluid service. We are getting code p249d and exhausted fluid quality poor.

Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor. Everything you need is right below in our 30L LM2 Duramax diesel maintenance schedule.

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