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The increase in frontal area makes the 35 Whelen noticeably superior to the 338 bore. A 35 Whelen with a 200-grain premium bullet at 2700 fps offers a decent trajectory as does the 230-grain 93x62mm Mauser load at 2650 fps.

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WLRM RP 35 Whelen brass Not at max.

35 whelen ballistics. Increase your rifles performance up to 200 fps without extra chamber pressure recoil muzzle blast temperature sensitivity fouling or loss of accuracy. While its ancestry sometimes causes shooters and reloaders to default to 30-06 powders because of its capacity-to-bore-diameter ratio propellants engineered for the 308 Winchester are ideal and will eke more performance out of the 35 Whelen. It is when reloading that the 35 Whelen comes into its own.

In premium factory loads any variations between them are not enough to drop a pebble in your boot. Army Colonel Townsend Whelen this cartridge began life in 1922 as a wildcat. Only custom rifles were available chambered for it and no arms maker produced ammunition.

In reality all are loaded to near identical ballistics. It can be pushed close to 338 Win Mag stopping power out to 300 yards. For instance Hornady advertises a velocity of 2910fps for their 200gr Superformance load.

As other cartridges of the same caliber go the 35 Remington is 400 to 500 fps slower than the 35 Whelen and the 358 Norma Magnum is 400 fps faster. Before 35 Whelen factory loads were widely available handloaders were the primary source of 35 Whelen ammo. They were ready to enjoy the ballistic benefits of faster flatter shooting cartridges than dads lever-action 30-30 32 and 35.

Remington continues to load the 35 Whelen with two bullets a 200-grain pointed Core-Lokt at a velocity rating of 2675 fps and a 250-grain pointed Core-Lokt at 2400 fps. Superformance uses progressive propellants that take your favorite V-MAX NTX SST GMX and InterLock bullets to levels of. If your Whelen likes 250 Grain Nosler Partition bullets or 250 Grain Speer Hot-Cor youll have a 300 yard moose and elk killer similar to the 338 Win Mag with comparable trajectory and power.

For the reloader both cases can be created from plentiful 30-06 Springfield brass should you need to do so. Using a 250-grain 16 g bullet the 35 Whelen will generate 3500 ftlbf 4700 J at the muzzle from a 24 in 61 cm barrel. Like its ballistic twin the 350 Remington Magnum the 35 Whelen works best with medium burning rifle powders such as H335 RL-15 IMR 4320 IMR 4064 and W748.

WLRM RP 35 Whelen brass Not at max. 41915 5 gallon jug. 225 Nosler Ballistic Tip altered with tip cut off to bullet length of 1200 no crimp 3370 COAL perfect for my mag 2821 fps approx 065 jump to lands—-ftlbs.

Colonel Townsend Whelen was 45 years old and working at the Frankford Arsenal in. Suitable 35 caliber bullets range from about 150 grains to 250 grains with the 220-225 grain bullets representing a sound choice for. Were starting to see just how close these two can be.

The time was ripe for the 35 Whelen. The 35 Whelen and 35 Whelen AI is an extremely versatile cartridge due to its ability to produce hydrostatic shock for fast killing on extremely light through to relatively large bodied game as well as producing deep and broad wounding. For the heavier 225- and 250-grain bullets IMR 4064 is superb.

35 Whelen 200 gr SP Superformance. – little of bullet holding in neck. The witchdoctor included the short fat belted 350 Remington Magnum ballistic twin of the 35 Whelen introduced in 1965 to work through short actions.

Both cases are rather efficient in. Heavily compressed and bullet holding in neck 335. Handloading the 35 Whelen.

Named for ballistics guru US. With the correct bullet choice this cartridge is. Some modern factory-loaded 35 Whelen ammo has slightly improved ballistics compared to the original loads from the 1920s.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The 35 Whelen is not the ballistic twin of the 350 Remington Magnum and falls about 500 foot pounds short.

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