Kpop Cheating Scenarios

Bts reaction to u pranking them telling them u are cheating on them something like while u were away he was always there for me and shit like that and when they ask who it is. The living room and kitchen were currently littered with broken ceramics.

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Its less common in marriage it was illegal to cheat.

Kpop cheating scenarios. You however were not too close to ready and actually stressing about what to wear. Hope you all enjoyed it. You Find Him Cheating on You Part 2 Part 1HERE.

These KPOP scenarios are made by. Click Here. Imagine catching Chen cheating but he denies it while the other EXO members watch.

ReadPart 1 Kpop Text Masterlist. Bi from ikon cheating on you scenario no happy end Hours have passed and I still have the dinner out on the dining room table waiting to be eaten but it. And in a blink of an eye he was standing in front of you he kneeled in front of you and cupped your face with his two large hands his thumbs gently whipping away the tears that were still falling Sehun stared in to your eyes and you felt your heart flutter.

You sitted on your small table with a hand supporting your cheek while editing your last vlog. Dont know if Ill do a second part to this. So please do NOT steal the scenarios that I made and published on Tumblr.

Kpop scenrios nct scenarios nct nct 127 nct u teayong lee taeyong nct boyfriend sm rookies sm rookies scenario NCT U Specific line ups NCT Us reaction to you being awkward with skinship The 7th Sense NCT Us reaction to you going out with their best friend after you two broke up over him cheating. And these imagines are made by. The mouse of your computer sounded over the voices of your kitchens tv.

Bigbang Reacting to your first kiss BAP BAP Reacting to their crushes boyfriend cheating on them. Cheating does happen everyday honestly. In which you think Kai is cheating on you.

Theme by safe as milk. He is requesting special consideration. Most people i know have experienced cheating or being cheated on its extremely normal among dating.

His hair was a mess from having run his hands through it as a thousand. Worldofasians aka my tumblr. On the bed lie 5 outfits without any pairs of shoes chosen.

Your eyes widened in shock before you narrowed your eyes in anger. . Ive never make any of my own before but I can try my best if you like it please tell me and if you dont tell me that too.

If you guys want it then just message me to do so. He smiled a lopsided one but a smile nonetheless. Well Ive been reading so many of these kpop related scenarios and they ARE JUST SO CUTE.

Their girlfriend pranking them about cheating REQUEST. An anonnie requested this. Tears fell as the plate smashed into the wall over his head.

BAP Reacting to spending time with you while away on tour Vixx Vixx Reacting to your period. Vixx Reacting to traveling with you. Part 2 Kpop Text Masterlist.

Wooseok had been ready since 12pm that day being extremely careful not to spill anything on his outfit. You called Wooseok in for. Fifty_shades_of_imagines aka my Instagram so please please please do NOT steal my imagines that I made and published on my Instagram My KPOP Instagram has reached 1000 followers.

And dont be afraid to request a Text. Add to library 645 Discussion 108. Try Again Kai Originally posted by blondejongin.

ReactionsScenarios BigBang Bigbang Reacting To You In The Hospital. I dont know if this was the kind of closure you wanted haha but here you go. Vixx HL Reacting to meeting your child.

Part 2 of Yoongi cheating texts. T for tension and tears. A little Angst here.

You Find Out Hes Cheating on You.

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