Types Of Smiles In Writing

Charming – a smile that shows the person is trying to make a good impression. He faked a smile.

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Wearing nothing but a smile.

Types of smiles in writing. They come in all shapes and sizesmaybe an eye roll a clenched stomach curled fists or shrugscues we writers tend to overuse while trying to convey what our character is feeling. This smile can say I have a secret Thats just silly or Im tolerating you only because I have to depending on how tight the mouth is. Heres the authors illustration of the types as posed by actors.

Reward affiliative and dominance smiles. The lopsided smile aka the twisted smile is when one side of someones mouth goes upwards while the other side goes down. His mouth twisted.

Bright – an energetic smile that shows intelligence. Crutch gestures can sometimes get in the way of good writing. Her mouth curved into a smile.

He plastered a smile on his face. She gave a lopsided grin. The corners of his mouth turned up.

He pursed his lips. There are three basic types of human smile. A corner of his mouth lifted.

Five other types of smiles. Delighted ecstatic euphoric thrilled. Reward smiles are displayed to reward the.

Thats according to a new paper by psychologists Magdalena Rychlowska and colleagues. She forced a smile. The corner of her mouth quirked up.

Broad – a wide smile that shows great happiness. He gave a half-smile. Beaming – the kind of smile that seems to radiate happiness.

Have you created or discovered a. While the down side might signal that a negative outcome for you is in the making the up side cancels it out with its more positive point of view. Reward smiles the authors say are used to signal enjoyment.

Tight-lipped smile the lips are stretched out to form a straight line and the teeth are hidden. It usually represents a state of mixed emotions. Brilliant – a very high-energy happy smile.

Shaky smile Open mouth Raised brows Rictus grin involuntary fake smile Rapid blinking Squinting Licking ones lips Veins pulsing in neck or temple Chewing on ones hair a pen or another personal object. Flirtatiousness seductiveness Fluttering eyelashes Coy smile Lopsided grin Slightly narrowed eyes Open mouth with tip of tongue showing.

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