Kimber 1911 Jamming Problems

The other fatal flaw of the ubiquitous beloved and much celebrated 1911 is the 1911s faulty slide stop design which can result in the 1911 jamming when fired. It works in many 1911s though as it avoids most of the pitfalls of 3 point jams due to problems with feed ramp extractor and magazine geometry.

Stovepipe Malfunctions And Other 1911 Or Any Magazine Problems

Ive had and have many Kimber 1911s and Ive found that the FTF issues which are so often associated with Kimber 1911s are easily remedied with an easy to do breaking of the sharp edges on the inside of the chamber.

Kimber 1911 jamming problems. These instances are fairly rare though. My daughter recently got a Kimber Pro Carry II in 45 ACP. Here are some videos that may point to solutions.

I forget the model but it has a rail skeletonized hammertrigger and in blue cost him around 900. December 09 2014 083112 PM. I used American Eagle and would shoot 150 rds home to clean and lube.

If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Id suggest using a different JHP with a different bullet profile. He keeps having issues with jams.

Reply 1 on. Army says works and as such can result in the 1911 user being shot or killed. A few months back i bought a new Kimber custom gfo 10mm 1911 and have had jamming issues pretty much from day 1.

The first time out i has constant jams i have tried 3 different brands of magazines and probably about 5 different kinds of ammo. It prevents the 1911 user from using an effective shooting method in CQB which the US. Many of the 1911s have had the very issue you described.

OK so a friend of mine got a brand new Kimber 1911. We got out to the range with it for the first time on Saturday. It can also be caused by the ramp being positioned too close to the rear wall of the magwell.

If that doesnt work your barrel needs throat work. Im meticulous about cleaning my firearms and this seemed to be a real mys. Kimber Stainless Ultra carry II Fixing Failure to feed.

The pistol ran fine but at least once or twice with each mag the ejected cases would hit the shooter in the forehead. Using a fine rat tail file you break the sharp edges of the chamber. You need to put about 500 rds through it to break it in with decent FMJ ammo.

I thought it just needed breaking in but after 600ish rounds the issue is still present. I experienced multiple failures to feed with my Kimber Custom II 1911 in 45ACP. Kimber makes em very tight some would say too tight.

1911s are fairly notorious for not liking certain bullet profiles. The kimber micro 9 slide can get jammed and stuck if you are inserting the slide stop pin in incorrectly. None of the other guns exhibited this problem.

Some like ball ammo only some like ball and some wadcutters some like everything. If youve got an aluminum framed Kimber youll want to avoid the open front metal form style followers as the follower will dip when loading the last round and cause the pointy tip of the follower to peck on the softer aluminum feed ramp. Discussion Starter 1 Aug 27 2007.

This video shows you how that happens and how to p. We had several 1911s at the range that day including a 4 SIS. Havent had a problem since.

The magazines are Kimber brand 8round. Most 1911 problems can be traced back to one of these problems as long as you stay with Colt SW RIA Springfield Norinco etc personally would stay away from taurus from personal experiences but others have had luck with them. Failures to eject double feeds stove pipes and the slide not locking back after the last round was fired.

CheapPoor Quality Parts CheapPoor Quality Mags Poor Quality Gunsmithing. The 1911 gives a lot of leeway in this area as long as proper magazines are used. Somewhere around 300-500 rds it should smooth out and you wont have any problems after that.

They changed the ejector and extractor on mine. Some have been magazine related and others other things to due with ammo impulse during recoil. Sometimes the push-feed malfunction is caused by a too-early cartridge release.

Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV. Had the same problems with my 10mm Eclipse and sent it right back.

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