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Year by year the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin drops owing to environmental factors such as exposure to the sun pollution and free radicals and to the skins natural ageing process. This market-leading preparation is an agent which is based on high-quality synthesized biodegradable hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin in an optimal proportion of 23.

The Filler Brand Of Well Known Princess Is Replaced By The Brand Saypha Euromex

Regular use helps fighting signs of skin.

Princess hyaluronic acid filler 1 its. 2 X 27 G12 thin wall Terumo needles CE 0197. SMART – a unique method of crosslinking created by CROMAThey ensure that. Princess Volume Lidocaine Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient in Princess Volume to eradicate wrinkles by increasing the volume within the skin tissue.

Princess Filler 1 x 1ml 7500 5900. Princess is one of the more renowned brands on the dermal filler market. Croma-Pharma has rebranded their Princess Fillers into a new brand called Saypha which is a range of non-animal fillers based on derived hyaluronic acid.

Croma Rich 1 ml Princess Princess is a viscoelastic solution to replenish the loss of hyaluronic acid due to ageing to improve hydration tone and elasticity of the skin and to act as a hydrophilic filler for small lines such as crows feet smile lines or smoke lines surrounding the mouth décolleté and the back of aging hands. Concentration of hyaluronic acid mg per 1 ml A task. Alignment of the relief of oily and combination skin neutralization of acne acne.

A skilled doctor can easily augment the lines of the face and shape-up the jaw line or the chin as per their patients requirements. Princess Volume is the thickest HA filler in the Princess line of injectables. One of the favorites that beauticians like to operate with is Saypha Princess FILLER.

After the application of Princess Volume filler the patients skin regains its vitality firmness and glowing youthful. 1 x 1ml. Princess Volume 1 x 1ml 7500 6400.

By re-establishing the bodys own natural hyaluronic acid level Saypha HA fillers help to reverse the signs of aging and help to make you look younger fresher and more. 23 mg ml. Box of 1 ml pre-filled syringe.

Characterised by high elasticity and ability to increase the skin volume it enables effective face modeling with visible long-lasting and natural-looking results. 23 mg ml. This injectable gel is based on high quality Hyaluronic Acid and is an effective solution for patients looking to boost their skins condition restore softness and elasticity while hiding moderate to deep skin lines wrinkles.

In addition to its pleasant cooling effect the Hyaluronic Acid Mask helps smooth small wrinkles and leaves the skin glowing. Cross-linked BDDE 24 Hyaluronic acid 23 23 mgmL. It specifically targets deep wrinkles and it takes just one treatment with this magnificent product to notice a positive difference.

Hyaluron injection pen represents an innovative beauty gadget for restoring the skin volume correcting the shape and general anti-aging lifting effect for the whole face. Princess FILLER 1 x 1ml Princess Filler is a universal product suitable for various aesthetic treatments such as the correction of moderate facial wrinkles and lines and the enhancement of lip volume. This product is essential for any individual seeking a safe non invasive method to reverse any effects of maturing skin due to ageing without the need for any surgery.

Elimination of deep wrinkles. Every year manufacturers of fillers based on hyaluronic acid improve their products. Regenovue Deep Plus with Lidocaine 1 x 11ml 5300.

CROMA – PRINCESS – SAYPHA CROMA HA FILLER EN 2019 CROMA PRINCESS BECOMES CROMA SAYPHA The CROMA SAYPHA range of dermal fillers is produced by the Austrian company Croma-Pharma GmbH a company with a long history of creating hyaluronic acid HACE Marked Medical Device. Aside from its exquisite anti-aging properties. Regenovue Deep Plus with Lidocaine can be described as a potent yet incredibly safe Hyaluronic Acid filler.

The hyaluronic acid in SAYPHA FILLER is cross-linked using Supreme Monophasic. The product can be used for all areas of the face especially for perioral wrinkles lip contours and to increase lip volume. Neutralization of shallow superficial creases and wrinkles slight and medium depth Princess Volume.

The product is a very reliable solution for sculpting and augmenting of facial features. The Hyaluronic Acid Mask from Princess is a facial mask formulated to increase the moisture level in the skin alleviate visible dryness and improve the skins elasticity. Name of filler.

It contains intensely reticulated hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a substance natural to the human body and essential for the skin to stay hydrated firm and elastic. As follows from its name the device reminds a regular pen with hyaluronic acid dermal filler inside it instead of the ink.

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