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With 2 chapters 7 subscribers 480 views 1 comments 4340 words. Little Mochi Jimin X BTS Fanfic One-shot fanficscomplete by ImSeokjinHoe98.

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Hyungs love their maknae.

Maknae fainted fanfics. This video also has some fake subs if yall like that. GDragon is the richest 18-year-old at the KPOP-Academy and living his life at the fullest when he is suddenly cursed by an old woman. Characters Bang Chan Felix Lee Han Jisung Han Yn Hwang Hyunjin Kim Seungmin Kim Woojin Lee Minho Seo Changbin Yang Jeongin.

He took out a scalpel inspecting it. You fainted Namjoon answered nervously. I leaned myself against Jimin and he held onto my hand for comfort.

Read Imagine BTSWatching Over the Sick Maknae Line from the story BTS Imagines by sulbax Lil Lily with 2793 reads. Little Mochi Jimin X BTS Fanfic One-shot fanficscomplete. NeglectedBTS FF by SoNyEoNhOe.

Theyve finished filming an episode of Bon Voyage for the nightwell mostly finished. He always asked the maknae to teach him for vocal lesson. Jin fanning the fainted boy on his lap Hoseok and Yoongi already with his phone in case their.

Little Boy Lost —- If theres one person whos guaranteed to trigger Jungkooks protective streak its Astros baby-faced maknae. A troubled young woman is unaware of the fate that awaits her when an angel and reaper enter her life. Hyungs protect their maknae.

Sowon is a 28 years old lady whos yet to get married after being heartbroken with her 3 years ex-boyfriend. What he hadnt counted on was to be swept into a war between the factions and he certainly hadnt. The gentle stir of the overhead trees swaying echoed an almost inaudible whisper through the valley the twilight symphony drawing to its close for the evening the occasional lone insect chirping a.

I started struggling even more. With 2 chapters 1 subscribers 110 views 4380 words. Theres a reason why the maknae stays up under him most times.

The beacon of light and hope that kept them all going even in the tough times. Bowing his head in acknowledgement Namjoon scanned the room for Taehyung. He was the perfect band member.

Of course the maknae willing to do so. Part 6 of Maknaes Require Special Attention. LawyerJoys first divorce case turns out to be more than she can handle.

With 3 chapters 4 subscribers 150 views 6326 words. Helping Hands -Tae BTS a screenplays fanfic FanFiction. He was the maknae.

Secrets Part 1 2 and 3 —- Jungkooks dance instructor hits him sometimes but only when he messes up. He walked over to the table and opened up the suitcase which was full of torture weapons. He becomes a girl overnight and has to overcome many obstacles including love and hate.

Their tall maknae still needs his hyungs affection. When he noticed Namjoon in the doorway he smiled blearily. His bed was unmade and quite empty.

Love The Unperfect You. YN is a girl who is never loved by her family. Featuring Yoon Sanha Chapters 9-11.

3 are missing and only ONE must solve and conquer the mystery of their disappearance whilst dealing with. Tae had come to help Jimin carry me down and into the bus. The cameras never really go off but they probably wont use much after coming back from the luau.

Felix grew up as a simple country boy in the Australian outback but when his best friend and one-sided crush Chris gets engaged Felix runs away to Korea to realize his dream of becoming a rapper. When Jeongin chose Dauntless the faction of the brave he thought he would learn how to fight meet his brother again gain some confidence escape his old home and live a slightly more dangerous life than before. HOSTAGE – A Bts x Blackpink FanFic Fanfiction.

Here our boys are i. They all have a soft spot for the maknaes. With 5 chapters 1 votes 51 subscribers 870 views 12 comments 15865 words.

Wha I was too exhausted and confused to give him a proper answer but I had so many questions. They saw his smiles heard his laughs felt. Jeonghan is a father of a 3 years old Chan.

Maknae Line Indulgence Chapter 9. The seven members are sitting cross-legged on the floor of a beach house in Hawaii. I felt myself being pulled up from the floor by two people.

Characters Felix Changbin Jisung Minho Chris. On the 16th birthday of the Queenka Roséanne Park the 4 girls celebrate at the local nightclub. Jeongguk wants to say yes he doesnt want to look weak in front of taehyung who seems to be doing fine even now.

Jeonghan was desperate to find a mother for. Hi Army Just like to say thank you for the support on my Taekook vs Taegi video 500 views its crazy. Through both shared and individual ups and downs the new acquaintances find themselves at a crossroad.

Kata Kyuhyun sambil terus bermain games Maknae fainted fanfics Oct 22 2011 I can see why this won Underdog Of The Week award. He sighed stretching his stiff arms over his head until a subtle pop was heard before relaxing once more. He was determined to keep trying even when all hope seemed lost.

The youngest of the band. She has one elder brother who abuses her and her mother also who shouts at her for nothing.

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