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Songs usedBad Romance hailstorm version. The sun will come out tomorrow Virgil sang quieter than the disembodied voice from the other side of the wall.

Remus Sanders Thomas Sanders Sanders Remus

Virgil went next with All Star followed by a rousing rendition of We Are Number One.

Sander sides fanfiction virgil sings. Omg XD Im glad you liked the fic. Analogical anxiety logan logic logicality morality other patton prince prinxiety roman romance sanders ships sides thomas virgil. But the man kept singing in his honey voice the low notes ringing in Virgils ears.

Sanders sides fanfiction logicality logan sanders roman sanders patton sanders sanders sides. Fiction T – English – DramaHurtComfort – Sanders Sides – Chapters. Its possible that the other dark sides complete this proverb.

Which just so happened to be foreshadowed back in MOVING ON Part 22. Roman looked like he wanted to ban Virgil after those two songs but he took his turn nonetheless. _—–_ Virgils Pov I bobbed my head back and forth and started to singI was just an only child of the universe And then I found you And then I found you You are the sun and I am just the planets Spinning around you Spinning around you You were too.

3 years ago 192 eggs. Part 1 of Cat Virgil. Fiction K – English – Chapters.

You know how he sings to Spinel that they can talk things out and how if they put in the effort they can change. So here is part one that I took way too long to write cause my Roman checked out on me Warning- Mentions of self harm Line Break Regression wasnt uncommon amongst the different sides of Thomas Sanders personality. Virgil is going though somethings that he cant control so he turns to harmful behaviors.

You sing when the other sings until you meet. Sanders Sides Oneshots Fanfiction. Logan had gotten Roman a quill for his birthday and Roman writes with it constantly.

Patton had to leave for a minute to answer Logans calls for him something about proving Roman wrong and when he had come back Virgil was asleep. Patton Sanders is a protective parent. Virgil just seemed happy to sit in it and hug one of the stuffed animals though.

Virgil asked walking down the stairs. I just stick out my chin and grin and say. Imagine the sides find out that Anxiety is a skilled knife thrower at the same time they find out hes really scared of spiders.

Virgil may possibly have naturally heterochromia eyes just like Deceit but has hidden them away. Roman glanced over at him and was momentarily stunned. Part two wont be for a little while yet partially because of my current project and partially that Ill be posting another Sanders Sides fanfic sometimes before that.

Romance Thriller Sanders Sides Anxiety Virgil Sanders Creativit Anxiety Virgil Sanders Logic Log Logic Logan. But Virgil is super flustered by the thought of that quill tickling him. I love my dark strange sonAll clips belong to Thomas Sanders.

Sanders sides fanfic my writing Sanders sides fic alipvirgil alippatton platonic. Anxiety Virgil SandersLogic Logan Sanders 1 Exclude Additional Tags Anxiety Virgil Sanders Sings 13 Anxiety Virgil Sanders Needs a Hug 4 Angst 3 Alternate Universe – Human 3 Emotional HurtComfort 3 Fluff 2 Music 2 First Kiss 2 Trauma 2 Fluff and Angst 2 Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Deceit can mute the sides and Virgil can blind them.

Logan has been fifteen for roughly ten months eight days and thirteen hours. He was sprawled across the pillows snuggling the same stuffed animal a little Eeyore close to his face. Sanders sides fic sanders sides fanfic my writing alipvirgil alippatton steven universe movie songs mentioned platonic moxiety.

A series of One-Shots about the Sander Sides. The man continued getting progressively louder in sound and spirit. Youtubez9xJ3y7SM7Q Listen as you read.

Browse through and read sanders sides high school fanfiction stories and books. A bunch of oneshots with the Sanders Sides. So I just want to thank all of you for the support and I just feel happy that my channel has come this far I made this for a thing to do since Im always on.

FanFiction unleash. Logan was wandering an empty street at night when he hears quiet mewling from behind a nearby tree. It doesnt take long for Roman to learn of Virgils feather sensitivity and for him to use it against Virgil.

Dont have the link but the song was hallelujah River. So I wanted to write a regression fic as child Virgil is my favorite thing ever. He Anxiety now known as Virgil turns into a small fluffy black kitten.

Might be romantic or platonic might be smutty or angsty or anything between just whatever comes to my mind. The drama seems to be clearing up and the new video got me all excited and ready to write again. He decides to investigate and finds a little kitten person hiding in the shadows.

I do NOT own Thomas or any of his sides. Virgil sanders logan sanders patton sanders sanders sides fanfic ask my fic.

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