Dodge Dakota Gas Gauge Not Working

Check body grounds check the wiring to the inst cluster and check the body control module BCM lets check the gauges fuse as well. Put in new fuel pump and sending unit.

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Dodge dakota gas gauge not working. This guide will help with the fuse locations in the diagrams below. I have the same problem. Dont know if this is your problem but its worth a look.

He said that because the low fuel light works its not the sending unit. But before you change it I would look at all of your electrical connections and make sure that they all are properly grounded for that circuit. The gas gauge is not working correctly.

But my gas gauge doesnt always work. Remove a battery terminal turn key to the On position and let it set about 5 min. Well those contacts can wear out or break off and the gauge will stop working.

Of course you can and should also check your gauge to make sure that it is working okay. So sometime the gas gauge would work and some times not. The fuel gage on the magnum V6V8s is driven by the PCM and Cluster Controller on the 98 not sure about the 95 though but I would expect that the ECUECM would be involved.

I own a 1996 dodge Dakota. Once the lens cover is off press on the instrument cluster. There is an arm witha float attached that moves up and down when it does 2 contacts move along a board with more contacts on it and that gives the signal.

The low fuel light also comes on. Still does it but not as bad. Only problem with this is you have to reset your clock and program your radio stations again.

The low fuel chime comes from. On my 98 V8 the PCM sends a status message via the CCB bus to the Cluster Controller which directly operates the fuel guage. If the gauge is now giving you an empty reading the fuel gauge is faulty and should be replaced.

The gas gauge does not work. An individual gauge doesnt work. Sometimes is does and sometimes it doesnt.

I had the o2 sensor spark plugs and wires and fuel filter replaced. 1997 Dodge Dakota V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic We just purchased this truck about 3 months ago. Disconnect the wiring attached to the fuel sending unit and then look at the fuel gauge.

If your Dakota is a Gen3 pop off the main dash panel gently pull it off starting on the right. I found the problem right where the wires for the gas tank leave the harness and head toward the gas tank. Try resetting the puter.

If the gauges are all pegged at the highest possible reading there could be a wiring problem or a bad instrument voltage regulator. Turn key off re-connect battery terminal turn key on for a couple seconds before starting. It just sits at empty and never moves.

Gas gauge not working on 94 dodge dakota it sounds like the gauge float assembly in the top of the tank has gone bad. Example check fuse 11 this supplies dash with power. Once that is off youll want to remove the 8 screws holding on the lens cover.

If the gauge gives you a full reading the sending unit is faulty and should be replaced. I disconnected the rear middle brake light and then I repaired the wires in the harness and now my gas gauge works fine. In this video I explain what for wrong in a vehicle with a non work in gas gauge.

If the tank is full of gas the gauge will move at random. Check out the diagrams Below. Sometimes when it does this as approaching full stop the fuel gauge will dip and car stalls.

If it worked for a short period of time after doing the pumpsending unit the check the connections going to the pumpsending unit they would have been moved around doing the pump. I took it in and my mechanic said it was the guage. You will have to drop the fuel tank and replace the fuel pumpfilter assembly The sender filter and pump are all one assembly so youll need to buy a whole new pump assembly to change the sender.

I have put fuel cleaner in when near empty and put 12 tank g. My guage never works only my low fuel light. Dodge Durango Dodge Dakota Fuel Gauge Repair 97-04.

I thought by replacing the fuel pump I would fix the problem. You didnt say how much fuel. If the oil pressure coolant charge or gas gauge doesnt work or works erratically the problem is in the gauge.

If you hit a bump or shake the truck the gauge moves. You can see if the main connection is loose. Most likely it is the sending unit.

Lettng the tank get too low has nothing to do with it. If the low fuel light comes on everytime the guage drops its a loose connectionbad connection at the sending unit or quirky sending unit.

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