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Over the past week thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across the United. In our environment there is nothing to challenge our young men.

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For many Americans watching the country erupt in protests the looting is the rub.

Looting usa. History as well as now a wide array of activities. June 2 2020. But the plain unpalatable fact is that in America today that margin of freedom has been reduced to the vanishing point.

Some 208 incidents of looting and vandalism were recorded on Wednesday the government said as the number of troops deployed doubled to 5000. But the form it is taking in some states is different to disturbances. The word looting prevents us from addressing the unrest as a rational if angry critique of this racial order.

Looting and violence has erupted in the United States in the wake of the custody death of African-American man George Floyd. It prevents us from understanding and responding appropriately to what this is a. Bernie Sanders wrote on Twitter Monday that the ultra-rich have been looting America for 40 years.

Violent riots across the country show that there is punishment for the law-abiding and freedom for the anarchist. The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years and the culprits are the ultra-rich The richest 400 Americans sit on 3 trillionthe size of the entire UK economy. The richest 400 Americans sit on 3 trillionthe size of the entire UK economy.

As the word became more and more widely used it brought with it negative connotations. Looting in the wake of a brutal murder provokes yet more injustice in America. Dhimmi-crats are the last people in America who should be lecturing anyone about political behavior especially after their antics of the last year which saw businesses looted and destroyed neighborhoods burned to the ground police officers attacked and blinded and synagogues desecrated and vandalized all despicable acts of totalitarian violence and hatred committed by Dhimmi-crats.

Last summer many of us watched in horror as rioting and looting took place in cities across the country. We saw police in Seattle abandon one of their precincts to a mob. There is no flexibility no colour no possibility for adventure no chance to shape events more generously than is permitted under the rules of highly organised looting.

Instead sociologists say looting is spurred by a tangled mix of outrage avarice vengeance and opportunism with a different mix for each person. Rebellious youth is not wanted here.

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